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Room Directory

Dear Valued Guests,

We are delighted that you have selected Smart Place Paris Gare du Nord for your stay and we trust your stay with us will be both enjoyable and comfortable.
In this Room Directory you will find general information about the hotel as well as detailed information on all services, activities and facilities that our hotel has to offer.
Should you have more specific questions or requirements, please do not hesitate to contact any of the team members who all would be happy to assist.

At Smart Place Paris Gare du Nord we live by our motto, “Enter as a guest, leave as a friend!”.

Wishing you an utmost enjoyable holiday.

Facilities & Services

Hotel front door


The reception is open 24 hours a day.


The day of your arrival, your room is available from

  • 15:00


    On the day of your departure, please check-out before

  • 11:00

    Baggage room

    If you want to visit the city a few hours, the day of your departure or arrival, we will be happy to store your luggage free of charge in our baggage room.

    Credit cards

    We accept credit/debit cards

  • MasterCard

  • Visa

  • Maestro

  • WiFi

    Free! Unlimited Wi-Fi in rooms and premise.

    WiFi code


    Computer Acces

    Computers are at your disposal. Ask the reception.


  • 1,00€
  • 30mn

  • 1,50€
  • 1h

  • 3,50€
  • Lounge area

    We are happy to provide a flat-screen TV, a library and card and board game in our lounge area.


  • Guitar
  • Table football
  • Please check-out our calendar to be aware of the events we organize.


    A laundry room is available to our visitors. Soap is sold at the reception.
    Our laundry room has irons and ironing boards that you can use at no extra cost. Please use our irons in the laundry and do not bring them to your room.


  • 4,00€
  • Dry

  • 3,00€
  • Soap

  • 1,00€
  • Towels

    If you have forgotten your towels, you can rent some at the reception.

  • 2,50€
  • Food & Drink


    Enjoy a real Parisian breakfast (tea, coffee or milk, croissant, orange juice).

  • 8:00 - 10:00

  • 4,00€


    Please feel welcome to have a drink at our bar.


    To enjoy a friendly moment with friends or family, you can enjoy all the facilities of our fully equipped kitchen.


    Metro / RER

    Anvers (ligne 2)
    Gare du Nord (lignes 2, 4 et 5
    Barbès Rochechouart (lignes 2 et 4)
    RER:Gare du Nord (lignes B, D et E)


    You can rent a Velib (the ecological bikes of the city of Paris) to easily get around Paris.

    39, rue de Dunkerque


    15, rue de Rocroy


    To help you move around Paris, plans are available at the reception.

    Airport Shuttle &Taxi (fees)

    If you want a taxi or a shuttle to the airport you can contact the staff of our reception.


    Public parking available close to the hostel.

    Shops & Restaurants

    Bank (ATM)

    29, rue de Dunkerque
    75010 Paris

    Poste office


    2, rue de Compiègne
    75010 Paris


    24, rue de Dunkerque
    75010 Paris

    Department stores

    40, Bd Haussmann
    75009 Paris

    64 Boulevard Haussmann
    75009 Paris

    Pub On the Road

    20, rue d’Orsel
    75018 Paris

    French restaurant

    Italian restaurant

    First aid & Emergency numbers

    Should you require First Aid Assistance, please contact the reception.

    +33 (0)1 48 78 25 15

    Call 112 and inform our reception staff for assistance in guiding the ambulance personnel.

    First Aid: 15

    Fire department: 18

    Police: 17


    The following information is provided for your safety...

    In case of fire

    Please take a moment to get familiar with the locations of the fire extinguishers and the fire escape plans upon arrival at the hotel. Floor plans are located in the corridors near every emergency exit and on each room door.
    For your safety, the hotel is equipped with fire/smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and fire hoses. Their locations are indicated on the evacuation floor plans in your room and in the corridors.
    Our staff is trained to handle emergency situations. In case of an emergency situation please always follow their instructions.
    Our staff is available on-site 24 hours a day and our premises are monitored by video surveillance. Please contact our staff immediately if you notice any dangerous or suspicious situations.

    If you detect smoke or fire

    1. Press the alarm button which are located in the corridors
    2. Alarm the reception and/ or call 112
    3. Attempt to contain and extinguish the fire yourself if possible with the nearest fire extinguisher
    4. Leave the building via the stairs and emergency exits

    Fire alarm system

    The smoke detectors/fire alarm systems are in place for the safety of everybody. Please note that the alarm will be triggered if the smoke detectors are disturbed. Anybody who manipulates the smoke detectors/ fire alarm systems in any way is violating the law and will be instructed to leave the hotel immediately. According to our Terms & Conditions no money will be refunded when our guests are instructed to leave because of breaking the House Rules. Additional costs will be charged (a.o. damage, fine by the fire department) and you might be prosecuted by law. Please understand that we need to be very strict on this.

    Emergency exits

    Use the emergency exit doors in case of emergency only. All emergency exit doors are monitored by video surveillance and alarm systems.


    An alarm will go off in case of an emergency. When the alarm sounds we urge you to leave the hotel immediately via one of the emergency exits. The emergency exits are clearly marked by the green ‘EXIT’ signs and can be opened easily with a push bar. Please note that the lifts are not in use during an emergency situation – you will have to use the emergency stairs. The evacuation plan and a summary of our house rules can be found on the inside of your room door.


    Smoking is strictly prohibited within in the hotel; please only use the designated outdoor areas for smoking. If you smoke inside the hotel you will be charged €150 for cleaning costs. Also, any additional costs will be charged (damage, fine by the fire department) and you might be prosecuted by law.

    Drugs, illegal substances & weapons

    Possession (or being under the influence) of illegal substances, drugs and weapons on the hotel premises will lead to immediate eviction. In such cases, the payment obligation for the agreed term of your stay will still apply. We will notify the responsible authorities.


    Any violence to our guests or staff will lead to immediate eviction of the hotel and the police will be informed. According to our Terms & Conditions no money will be refunded when our guests are instructed to leave because of breaking the House Rules.

    Safe & Lockers


    Pets are not allowed within the hotel.

    Room equipments

  • Baby Crib on request
  • Bathroom with Bath & Shower
  • Heating
  • LCD satellite TV in private rooms
  • TNT
  • Offers & Additional sales

  • Paris cruises
  • Pizza&Beer On the Road Pub
  • Breakfast
  • Feedback

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